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Mark Kinsey takes a look at the best ball trimmers available to buy in the UK. He tests each of these pubic hair shavers and gives you his verdict on each…

You started off trimming your beard and thought how impressive it was to use all the different tools to give your facial hair a smart look with sleek lines and defined precision.

Next you moved onto your body hair – as we get older it happens to us all – nose and ear hair can look unsightly and cause irritation and the same can be said for body hair. If you prefer a smoother chest, armpits and back then it’s great to know that you have options out there.

I honestly cannot think of anything worse than getting my chest or back waxed and am pleased that men now have so much choice when it comes to purchasing the best body groomer.

Then onto the more delicate areas of the male body – the balls. Again, if you prefer a smoother body then you may be in the market for a ball trimmer. Perhaps you’re a newbie and just want to see what it’s all about, or you could have been trimming your nether regions for a while and are looking to upgrade your current trimmer. Whatever the reason, this guide will definitely help you on your way to choosing the best ball trimmer for your needs.

Benefits of ball trimming

You know how it feels when you have a fresh shaven face – as much as I do like to have a bit of stubble or a slight beard, it feels so nice to have that clean, smooth feeling.

And the same goes for your balls – I have only used a trimmer a few times, but I love that smooth feeling from being freshly trimmed. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced sweating
  • Hygiene and health can be improved
  • More comfortable feel
  • Your partner may thank you for it!

Top 5 Ball Trimmers

Still being a bit of a rookie at trimming my southern area I was keen to give these products a go – as you can imagine it took a while due to waiting for the hair to grow back in between, but the results were definitely worth it and hopefully at the end of this, you will have found the best ball trimmer for you.

BALLS Electric Ball Shaver

 What you get:

  • BALLS trimmer
  • USB Charging cable
  • Trimmer Cradle
  • Brush combo
  • Sacksafe adjustable guard

Receiving the trimmer, I straight away had a good feeling about this one – its bright blue packaging with the slogan ‘Your BALLS are in good hands’ over the front made me smile and I was hopeful I’d kicked off this list with a great product.

BALLS™ Trimmer Electric Ball Shaver - SackSafe Guard, Waterproof, Rechargeable - Wet/Dry Razor - Body, Groin Hair TrimmingTaking the trimmer out of the box, I first noticed the well-made and solid appearance it had. It was easy to hold thanks to its design and I wasted no time in giving it a go. It came charged, which was handy, and I was able to begin my shave. I used the adjustable guard which gave a close shave (although you could go even closer by taking the guard off, but do this with caution).

The matte coating meant I could keep a good grip of it while reaching down – this is a big deal when you don’t want to worry about slipping at that pivotal moment! Because the trimmer is also waterproof, you will be able to take it in the shower with you, knowing your grip would remain secure.

A waterproof trimmer also makes for easier cleaning too. The hairs won’t get clogged in the blade and the battery won’t have to work overtime. Charging is simple by use of the USB cable and when charged it is used wirelessly – which makes sense as you don’t want to be fumbling with wires during the trimming process.

It was easy enough to use too, just one button to turn it on and off and its one blade is sharp enough to trim down even the coarsest hair. This is owing to its ceramic material that means you’ll be left with a top quality, smooth shave.

One really good feature about this trimmer is the light it has just below the blade – this made it so much easier to navigate. I wasn’t really that keen on living on the wild side just yet, so the light was perfect as it can be a little dark down below, especially when you haven’t trimmed for a while!

The docking station was a bonus too and when placed on there, the trimmer looked sleek and tidy on my bathroom shelf.

I really liked this trimmer – it was so easy to use and I’d like to try it again, this time without the guard, to hopefully achieve an even closer shave.


  • Waterproof
  • Docking station
  • LED light


  • May be a little pricey

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VIKICON Ball Trimmer

 What you get:

  • Body hair trimmer
  • 2 adjustable comb guides
  • USB charging cable
  • Charging dock
  • Cleaning brush

When holding this trimmer, it seemed a little bit bigger than the previous (not by much) and it was very smooth all over. It was easy enough to hold, but I did worry how easy the grip would be if I was to use it in the shower.

VIKICON Body Hair Trimmer and Shaver for Men, Ball Trimmer for Groin&Pubic w/Charging Dock, Replaceable Ceramic Blade Body Groomer Electric Razor, Waterproof Below The Belt Clipper Looks wise though, I liked it. On the front you get the on/off button, as well as 3 indicator lights to let you know how much battery you have left. At the bottom of the trimmer you will find the port for the charging wire. It is recommended that you charge it before first use (which takes around 50 minutes) and then you get a 90-minute charge time, which should be more than enough for your manscaping needs.

You also get the option to charge it on the docking station too. Placing the trimmer on will automatically start the charging process which is ideal if you like everything neat and tidy.

So, on to using the VIKICON trimmer – you get two combs, so I went for the one that would give me the closest shave. (I am not brave enough to use the trimmer without a guard yet). The comb simply clicked on and when I was finished I removed it to wash it under the tap.

The blade was sharp and cut through hair easily, there was no pulling and I felt confident using it. The fact that the blade is ceramic and r-shaped meant I was going to get the best shave and not risk having scratched or sensitive skin at the end of it.

Even though it was marginally bigger than the previous trimmer, it was surprisingly lightweight and easy to manage.

Thanks to it being wireless I was able to trim with ease and access those hard-to-reach places without anything getting in the way. The blades are replaceable, although you do have to buy these separately. That’s not too much of an issue though as they’ll last a while before they need changing.

With the added bonus of it being waterproof, it means you can use it in the shower and cleaning is made easy because you can run the trimmer body under water, as well as using the cleaning brush provided.


  • R-shaped blade design
  • Lightweight
  • Charging docking station
  • 2 comb guides


  • Grip may lessen during shower use
  • No light

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FLOVES Body Trimmer

 What you get:

  • Groin and body trimmer
  • Adjustable guard comb
  • Docking station
  • USB-C charger cable
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual

Getting used to shaving my more intimate areas, I decided it was time to get the closest shave I’d gotten so far and took the plunge to use this trimmer without the guard comb.

FLOVES Cordless Body Trimmer for Men - Men’s Groin Pubic Hair Remover, with LED Light, Rechargeable Waterproof Wet Dry Use, for Balls Armpit Chest Legs If you did want to use the guard comb, you’d only have to slide it down onto the trimmer, and then slide it back up to remove it.

On first impressions, I really liked the shape of this trimmer – the body was curved, and this made it very easy to handle – I’d chosen a really good one to be brave with!

It had a sleek look to it, like most on this list, it was an aesthetically pleasing piece of kit. With ceramic blades that I felt confident to put next to my skin, as well as a light that guided the way, I cautiously proceeded.

I pulled back the skin (I’d read that this is the best way) and found the blade cut the hairs really well – on account of the smart motor which adjusts the power according to resistance, as well as the soft and safe ceramic blade, these features really aided in a very pleasant shave. I had no nicks or pulling of the hair and I was satisfied with the end result, especially as I did not suffer from any irritation.

Charging is easy by connecting the cable into the bottom of the trimmer which will then give you 90 minutes of wireless usage in under 2 hours.

Use in the shower is made possible thanks to it being waterproof and cleaning is kept simple by running the trimmer under water, as well as cleaning the blade and attachments with the cleaning brush.

I was impressed with this trimmer and the results it gave, all at a very reasonable price too.


  • Smart motor
  • Ceramic blades
  • Docking station


  • A cheaper price may put people off

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Kibiy Body Groomer and Ball Trimmer

 What you get:

  • Kibiy trimmer
  • Extra trimmer blade
  • Wireless charging dock
  • USB charging cable
  • Guide comb
  • Cleaning brush
  • Oil
  • Instruction manual

Onto the next trimmer, and again a brand that I am not familiar with but willing to give it a go.

Uncovering it from the box, it is another nice-looking piece of equipment that feels well made but lightweight. The design was practical and sleek, with the power button on the front of the body for easy operation.

Body Groomer Men, Ball Trimmer Men, Body Shavers for Men, Pubic Hair Trimmer with Replaceable Ceramic Blade Heads, LED Light and Power Display, Standing Recharge Dock for Wet/Dry UseAll of the trimmers so far have been waterproof, so I thought I’d give at least one a test in the shower. Now the only shower we have in our house is in the en-suite bathroom which isn’t very big and not the best lit area, so I was glad of the LED light situated just under the blade which gave me good visibility for those thinner hairs in the hard-to-reach places.

Once again I used the trimmer without a guard (taking extra caution on my nether region!). I pulled the skin tight and glided the trimmer along the hairs, rinsing it under the shower after every stroke and continuing with the same method. It was a pleasant experience and although I was initially nervous, what with the lack of guard as added protection, along with the thought of my hand slipping due to the water, I got a clean and smooth shave. I didn’t have to keep stopping to unclog the blade and I felt it made for a better trim, resulting in fresh feeling balls, with no irritation or pulling of the hairs.

The angle of the blade definitely helped to guide my way, as well as being made of ceramic titanium which gave me confidence while using the trimmer, knowing I didn’t have to go over the same area too many times I was able to stop worrying about impending irritation and just enjoy the end result.

A couple of nice touches to this trimmer were the extra blade you get with it, a lot of trimmers nowadays either don’t have replaceable blades, and if they do you have to purchase them separately, so it was nice having an extra blade to keep me going for a while.

There is an LED display which tells you how long you have left before it needs charging, handy if you don’t want half of your crown jewels smooth and the other half running wild!

Charging is made easy in two ways. You can either charge it by using the wireless charging dock or with the USB cable. This is ideal if you travel a lot – maybe you work away from home, so plugging the USB cable into your laptop would be a great way to give it some power before use, or if you go on a weekend away with your wife and need things to be neat and tidy down there. A lot of hotels have USB ports on their sockets nowadays which means one less thing to think about in terms of also remembering to pack a plug.

I was really impressed with this trimmer from Kibiy – an unfamiliar brand to me, but one to definitely consider. It really does seem to have it all.


  • Extra blade included
  • LED display
  • Lightweight


  • Unfamiliar brand may put people off

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Crownguard Ball Trimmer

What you get:

  • Crownguard trimmer for men
  • 2 guards
  • Cleaning brush
  • Universal USB charging cable

You will have noticed by now that the trimmers all look quite similar, and our last one follows this pattern. A sleek body which is easy to hold – lightweight and ergonomically designed – I was looking forward to trying this one out.

Even though I had gotten more confident with each shave, I decided I would go back to the guards, mainly because this was a 4mm guard and I was keen to know CrownGuard Ball Trimmer| USB Rechargeable Electric Body Hair Grooming Trimmer for Men | Waterproof and Cordless Mens Pubic Hair Trimmer| Lightweight Mens Body Groomer| Luxury Ball Shaver for Menif it would still give me a nice shave.

My manscaping took place in the shower thanks to this trimmer being waterproof. The convenience of having no mess to clean up afterwards and also being able to run the blade and guard under the water to prevent any clogging, made sure I could get the smoothest and most hygienic shave.

I pressed the power button located towards the lower end of the trimmer body (which is the same button to turn it off) and proceeded. It was easy to keep a grip of the trimmer thanks to its design.

Now while it didn’t give me the completely smooth shave I got previously (which I knew would be the case because of using the guard), I had no pulls or nicks. I took my time as I did with all the trimmers, and I got an enjoyable shaving experience.

The Crownguard ball trimmer claims to be a luxury body groomer – with its skin guard technology, along with the soft ceramic blades, quiet motor, low vibration and resulting in a smooth appearance with no irritation I can see why they boast this. The packaging definitely has a touch of luxury to it!

It is recommended to change the blade every 3 to 4 months, and while you have to buy these separately I do like the fact they can be replaced because it gives you maximum hygiene to protect your skin and the blades will also stay sharp enough so it doesn’t feel rough on your balls – which from personal experience I can say is not a feeling you’d want to experience.

You can charge the trimmer using the USB cable, which will give you around 90 minutes of usage. There is also an indication light on the power button, so you’ll know when it’s running low.

This is a good bit of equipment that would suit someone who is new to body grooming, although if you are just in the market for a simple design that will get the task in hand done for an experienced manscaper, this will do the job adequately.


  • Ergonomic design for good grip
  • Soft ceramic blade
  • No nicks or pulls
  • Waterproof


  • No docking station

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How often should I shave my balls?

 This really depends on a number of factors.

  1. How quickly does your hair grow back – every person’s hair growth is different and if your hair does grow quite quickly you may find you are shaving more frequently.
  2. It is recommended that 3-4 times a month, so roughly once per week is ideal for trimming – anything in excess of that may cause irritation or skin damage.

What can I do to minimise irritation?

 Showering – The fact that these trimmers are waterproof is brilliant because it means you’re already halfway there to keeping your skin protected. After you’ve shaved, it is recommended to exfoliate which will clear your pores and eliminate the risk of ingrowing hairs.

Washing – Using a good cleanser to reset your skin’s pH, coupled with a hydrating body wash to ensure your skin stays soft and hydrated.

Lotion – Although it can get a little damp and sweaty down there, you may find that the more you shave, the dryer your private parts may become. Keep an eye on it and if you do feel any dry or flaky skin just add lotion to your daily skincare routine.

Rotation – If you want to give your skin a rest every now and again, you can go without a complete shave, instead opting for just a trim in between. By this we mean either using a guard instead of just the blade, or even using a pair of scissors to trim your pubes.


I have learnt a lot from testing out these ball trimmers and I hope that it has given you an insight into choosing the best one for your needs.

As well as being a ball trimmer, you can also use most of them on other parts of your body, so you really do get a lot for your money. Even if you did just use it for your nether region though, you will not be disappointed.

Whichever one you opt for, just make sure you take your time and if you’re new to manscaping we’d suggest using the guards in the first instance and when you’re feeling more confident and would like it completely smooth down below, then use the trimmer with caution.

Just remember that no two bodies are the same and we all differ when it comes to personal grooming. There is no right answer, and it is all about trial and error. It might take you a few times to get used to your new trimmer but when you’ve got the hang of it, it’ll soon become your best friend.

If you’re still feeling a little unsure then take advantage of the user manual or even watch some videos demonstrating the best way to shave. We’re pretty sure that when you’ve built up your confidence you (and most likely your partner!) will love the results.

There isn’t too much difference between the prices and they’re definitely worth every penny. You really won’t regret it and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start manscaping sooner!

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