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It has come to my attention that epilators for men are not a common thing. This was made more evident when the products I was reviewing mainly appeared to be for the female clientele, both on the packaging and the overall look of the equipment.

Unfortunately, this means that most epilators may only be designed to cope with thinner hairs, and not coarser hairs that you may get from your beard or moustache.

That being said though, there was nothing to say that men could not use them and the reason you’re here is, I’m presuming that you are in the market for an epilator for your face, or at least want to get a little more research under your belt before you purchase one.

So, before I divulge my findings and let you in on how well they worked, let’s get into what an epilator is actually used for and how they can benefit the male population.

What is an epilator?

A small device that pulls the hairs out from the root, resulting in your skin looking and feeling smooth. It has a row of tweezers which grasp lots of hair in one go and pulls them out quickly.

There are so many methods of hair removal these days – shaving, plucking, and waxing are just some that will all remove hair successfully, but may not give you the smooth feel that an epilator can achieve.

You can use a dry or wet epilator. Both will do the same job, one is obviously used without water, whereas you may prefer the convenience of removing your hair while you’re in the bath or shower.

An epilator will allow you to achieve smooth skin on a number of body parts. These include your face, armpits, chest, legs, back, groin area, and arms. For this review, I tested the gadgets on my facial hair – granted, it was a long process while waiting for the hair to grow back in between. But you will see further down it was worth it to gain the knowledge, experience and confidence of using an epilator.

Is using an epilator painful?

You may feel some discomfort the first few times, but this should lessen the more often you use it. You will soon get used to the feeling and we think you’ll find it is worth it when you see the results. We’d recommend starting slowly, take your time and try different ways to hold or use the epilator to find the most suitable way for you.

Everyone has a different pain threshold. If you’re not too bothered about pain in particular, or you know you can withstand a waxing session or endless plucking with your tweezers then we’re sure you’ll be just fine.

Pros and Cons of using an epilator


  • Smoother skin
  • Lasts longer than regular shaving
  • More convenient than waxing
  • Hygienic
  • Can be used at home or taken with you when travelling


  • Can be painful or have feelings of discomfort while using
  • You need to make sure the epilator is charged
  • Some only come with a 2-pin plug so you may need to buy an adaptor

How to use an epilator

Before you use the epilator, it is recommended to exfoliate your skin to prevent the risk of ingrown hairs, as well as removing dead skin cells.

Holding the epilator loosely on your skin (do not push down onto the area), pull your skin so it is taut and move the epilator in the direction of the growing hair.

Guiding the device slowly over your body will give you more control and ensure you do not leave behind any hairs. It will also decrease the risk of your skin becoming sensitive. You may notice a reddening to your skin afterwards, but this should fade after a couple of hours. Moisturising when you’ve finished will reduce this and minimise any skin irritation.

I’ve used a number of gadgets in the past, some that I still use at present, and others that just didn’t feel comfortable against my skin, so I was looking forward to trying out a new piece of kit.

With that, let me tell you how I got on with the best epilators on the UK market.

Braun FaceSpa Pro Face Epilator

What you get:

  • FaceSpa epilator
  • Epilator head
  • MicroVibration head
  • Cleansing brush head
  • Stand
  • Pouch
  • Cleaning brush
  • Smart plug

Upon opening the packaging, I was glad to see a well-known brand name – Braun to be exact. I do get nervous using new gadgets or products on my body due to having sensitive skin that can sometimes become irritated, so seeing this household name was a welcome relief. Braun have been around since 1921 so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two!

I took the epilator and all the accessories out of the box, and I was instantly Braun FaceSpa Face Epilator, Hair Removal with Facial Cleansing Brush Head, Toning Head and Charger Stand, Wet and Dry, Gifts for Women, SE912, White/Bronzeimpressed. The sleek design of the handle made it extremely easy to hold. I charged it up for just an hour and I was good to go.

Now, I had done my research with regards to how I was going to use an epilator and how much it would hurt, although I’m sure nothing was going to compare to the real thing. I opted to start on my eyebrows because they can be so unruly at times, and I don’t always have the patience to stand their plucking individual strands out.

I relaxed my face as much as possible and pressed the button on the front to start it up (this button also turns it off). You get two speed settings, so I began on the lowest one. Truthfully, it did hurt a little. It wasn’t unbearable pain and something I’m sure I could get used to – just be prepared if it is your first time using an epilator.

I had no trouble navigating the epilator head where I wanted it to be and I felt in control when using it – this was thanks to its lightweight design and shape. Being cordless it meant I didn’t have to worry about wires being tangled up or limiting my movement and if I needed it, the battery would give me 90 minutes of usage time.

I moved it along the natural shape of my eyebrows to capture any stragglers – my eyebrows can get a little untidy if I don’t regularly maintain them so having an epilator that can do a precise job is brilliant and it will mean I won’t have to keep plucking with regular tweezers every week.

The epilator glided over my skin and thanks to the micro openings catching even the finest hairs I was left impressed – my skin was smooth and my eyebrows were tame! I’m not sure how it would fair on coarser hair such as a beard just because of the size of the epilator head, but for the more intricate detailing of your face this is a great tool.

You also get the accessories which I’m keen to try out. You may not have any need for the added features but at least the option is there, and you may even find your new grooming routine.

There is a handy pouch to keep everything together which is ideal if you are going on holiday and need to keep everything together. The charging cable is a good length, although it is only a 2-pin plug, so if you do not have access to a socket at home, you may need to buy an adaptor.

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Flend Facial Epilator

What you get:

  • Epilator
  • Manual
  • Cleaning brush
  • Storage bag

An epilator here that is from a brand I am not familiar with, although I’m willing to give it a try. The first thing I noticed about this one was the colour – it was bright pink. But not letting that put me off I decided to use the device to tidy up my moustache.

After reading several different ways to prepare for epilation, I had already trimmed my beard and moustache down as much as I Facial Epilator for Women, Cordless Facial Hair Removal, Electric Trimmer Tweezer for Women Arm Underarm Chin Bikini, Rechargeable Face Epilator with Light could with scissors as I didn’t want to risk the hairs getting stuck in the epilator’s tweezers (I’m sure you’ve all just imagined that eye watering image!).

Now we all make a certain face in the mirror when we are shaving, the kind that makes your skin quite taut. Well, I found that I didn’t actually need to do that as much, but just keep my face relaxed and straight. The epilator then did the hard work. Again, there was a little discomfort, but it really did not take very long at all.

I liked that there was a light, especially considering I decided to do this at night and the lighting in my bathroom is not the best. The light managed to show up the finer hairs and I was able to achieve a smooth finish.

The epilator requires 2 AAA batteries, meaning this is a cordless device. It makes handling and moving it around your body an easy task and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to pack the wire if you take it on holiday.

Other great features include a titanium alloy cutter head for long lasting use, a washable epilation head, along with a brush making cleaning the epilator quite easy. It does come with a pouch to keep everything together, granted it is a delicate pink shade, but you get one nonetheless.

You don’t get any other attachments with the epilator and that shows in the price, so if you are on a budget and don’t require all the bells and whistles, then consider putting this on your shortlist.

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Philips Satinelle Corded Epilator

 What you get:

  • Corded epilator
  • Shaving head
  • Shaving head comb
  • Trimming head
  • Bikini trimmer comb
  • Massage cap
  • Exfoliation glove
  • Pouch
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual

From a cordless to a corded epilator now – by Philips, a brand that first made an appearance in our homes in 1891.

I wanted to try a larger area now I’d gained some confidence, so I opted to try this one on my neck. I prefer to keep my facial hair trim and I’m not a fan of any hair on my neck so I was keen to get started and see what the epilator could do in terms of this.

The epilator was small enough to hold with ease and I didn’t think I’d have any trouble gripping it while in use. Its rounded, smooth Philips Satinelle Essential Corded Epilator with 5 Attachments - BRE285/00 shape aided this. There are two speed settings and I decided to use the second one because the hair on the neck can be a bit thicker, although I did trim it down as much as I could beforehand.

I tentatively began the process, stretching my neck up as far as I could while still being able to see where I was navigating the epilator. I’ll be honest, there was a little pain to begin with, which wasn’t the nicest feeling. Fortunately, the longer I used the epilator, the more I got used to it. So, if you can persevere with the pain or you have a high tolerance anyway, you should be fine.

I could feel the epilator pulling out the hairs, but it didn’t feel like it was pulling my actual skin. I didn’t rush and made sure I went over the whole area to avoid any leftover hairs.

I didn’t have to go over the same area too many times which meant I avoided any rash or sensitive skin that I sometimes get with shaving. My skin did go a little red afterwards, but because I did it a bit later on in the day, I just moisturised my neck and allowed the redness to go overnight.

Over the next couple of days I used the exfoliation glove that was provided – this was to ensure that I didn’t get any ingrown hairs and my skin stayed smooth and healthy. Apart from it being a little bit uncomfortable I was pleased with the results, and I think after using it a few times my neck would become accustomed to the sensation of it and I’d be a lot more at ease using it on that area.

Hopefully, the results will last a while and it means I won’t have to keep shaving, like I had been doing. This was tough on my skin, because as I stated earlier, preferring no hairs on my neck means shaving quite often and that led to my skin being too irritated, so I’m really hoping the epilator could be the answer. So far I’m happy with the outcome – only time will tell.

Now, you do have the option to buy just the epilator which brings the price down a little, but for a bit extra you get some useful attachments as well as the exfoliating glove and pouch to keep everything in one place.

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Braun Silk Epil 9 Flex Epilator

 What you get:

  • Epilator
  • Shaver head
  • Trimmer head
  • Skin contact cap
  • Pouch
  • Cleaning brush
  • Charger

Another one from Braun now and this is the last one on our list of the best face epilators for men. So, let’s take a look to find out how this one faired.

Firstly, we’ll start with the look of it – as we have done with all the others. I really liked it. It was stylish, well made and in neutral colours. The handle was wide enough to get a good grip and the controls were easily displayed.

I decided to take the plunge and go for the whole beard. If you are fed up with shaving all the time to achieve that smooth look, or Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex Epilator Hair Removal, With Additional Shaver & Trimmer Head For Extra Sensitive Areas, Wet & Dry, 100% Waterproof, UK 2 Pin Plug, 9-002, White/Gold you’ve had enough of your stubble, then I’d suggest doing what I did and trim your hair down as much as you can which will stop the longer and coarser hairs catching in the epilator head.

Its worth noting that you can use the epilator in the shower or bath as it is waterproof, but I opted to use it dry because I didn’t want to feel too worried that it may slip out of my hand while using it on my face! Although that’s not to say I wouldn’t try it in the shower in the future.

There were a few features that I quickly realised enhanced my experience of using the Braun Silk Epil 9 – one being the light which helped me to keep on top of those lighter coloured hairs in my beard (by that I mean the little silver and white ones that are taking over the rest of my dark beard!), and two the flexible head which allowed me to guide the epilator along my jawline with ease. I was further impressed by the third feature – the pressure guide. The SensoSmart technology meant I could ensure the process was even and done properly. If I didn’t apply the right amount of pressure a red light would come on. It did come on once or twice, which I found a great help because I soon became aware of the pressure I could use in order to get the smoothest results.

It was a little painful, but considering there are 40 micro grip tweezers pulling the hair from the roots, it could have been a lot worse. Not an enjoyable experience, but definitely not the worst and with my skin feeling smooth and stubble free I’ll definitely use this one again.

I like that there is a shaver head with it, which I’m pretty sure I’ll give a try at some point. After use I gave the head a clean with the brush and then ram it under the tap to get rid of any remaining hairs.

It does have a higher price tag, but for such a well-known brand and a quality made product it is definitely worth the money.

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Thankfully I managed to not harm myself while trying out any of the epilators, and my confidence only grew with every use. I would definitely recommend that anyone looking to achieve smooth skin to consider purchasing an epilator.

Don’t be put off by the packaging, colour, or the fact some may advertise as women’s epilators – after all how many women use men’s products these days. It shouldn’t be any different for us guys!

If you can get over the thought of the pain enough to use one, you really will be glad you did. The only problem you will have, is deciding which one to buy. They all do a fantastic job and maintaining a good exfoliation routine in between epilation will no doubt keep ingrown hairs at bay, ascertain healthy and hygienic as well as smooth, stubble free skin.

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