Best Male Grooming Kit

Male grooming has become a lot more popular in recent years and there are now so many products on the market that can help you maintain your facial and body hair.

But as men, we don’t want endless products, razors, shavers, and so on cluttering up the place – so being able to have everything in one place is something we have to factor in when we’re on the lookout for our next piece of grooming kit.

Thankfully this is where we here at Bald Beards come in, because I managed to test the latest and best male grooming kits on the UK market – and I was impressed.

But, before I run you through my experiences with these useful gadgets let’s talk a little about what you can expect from a fully fledged male grooming kit.

Male grooming kits give you a plethora of choice, from being able to trim your beard, shave your underarms, or keep your nether regions tidy, as well as your chest hair, head, and eyebrows to name just a few.

With your trimmer you will also get attachments that can be used for different parts of the body. Most of them will clip off at the head so you can simply change the tool for quick and easy function – and this is what we have enjoyed about using the grooming kits, they are all so uncomplicated to use.

Our Top 5 Male Grooming Kits (UK Edition)

Now you know what to expect from a top quality set and having had my hands (and other body parts) on my favourite options, I give you the 5 best male grooming kits.


Braun All in One Trimmer 7

Braun All-in-one Trimmer 7 MGK7221, 10-in-1 Beard Trimmer for Men, Hair Clipper, For Face, Hair, Body, Ear, Nose, With AutoSense Technology, 8 Attachments, Black/Metallic Grey

First up we have a brand that we’re sure you’ll be familiar with – Braun – who have been producing shaving products for men since the 1950s, so they know what they’re talking about. And the Braun All in One is a great one to kick of this list.

Opening the box I was keen to see what the trimmer from such a well-known brand could do.

What you get:

  • Beard and hair trimmer
  • Ear and nose trimmer
  • Detail trimmer
  • Body groomer head
  • 4 comb attachments
  • Mini foil shaver
  • Gillette razor
  • Cleaning brush
  • Soft bag
  • Smart plug charger
  • Charging stand
  • User manual

With so much choice I really didn’t know where to begin so I decided to start small and opted for the ear and nose hair trimmer – it worked a treat. I used it on my ears and I was really pleased – a 7mm circular trimmer that gets to those smaller areas with no pulling and minimal effort.


Onto my beard now, and while I only have a little bit of stubble to keep tidy, I like to know that if I decided to grow my beard longer, I’d have a tool to hand that could keep it neat – and thanks to the attachments the Braun Trimmer 7 has, I’d have no problem doing this.

I used the 1mm attachment that fits over the trimmer head and found it a pleasant experience – there was no pulling or snagging and even though my stubble was quite short, it still managed to get those stray hairs.

After being impressed by the 1mm attachment, I was quietly confident I’d be able to use the detail trimmer and again it really was a joy to use. This attachment replaces the trimmer head, so you have to completely remove it, rather than put it over the top. The 1.5cm long precision tool was ideal for tidying up my straggly sideburns, as well as using it for the edges of my beard and moustache.

Now, I was looking forward to using the body trimmer. As a person who prefers a smoother chest, and already being impressed with the other attachments, I had high hopes for the Braun body trimmer. Again, this trimmer did the job well. I suffer from sensitive skin from time to time so am always a little nervous when trying a new trimmer or razor, but I had no issues using the body trimmer on my chest and I was left with smooth skin as a result.

The trimmer itself is made from plastic and has a nice sleek shape to it, although it could have a little more grip to make sure it doesn’t slip out of your hands when using. I do like the fact that it is a wireless trimmer, meaning you don’t get any wires or cords in the way. This is thanks to its charging station where you place the trimmer on to charge it. You do also get the option to charge it by plugging the wire straight into the bottom of the trimmer. However, you would need to make sure you have access to the correct socket or an adaptor because the trimmer only comes with a two-pin plug.

When fully charged (which takes about an hour) the battery will last for 100 minutes – which I found was more than enough to do the things I needed, without worrying it was going to stop halfway through.

The whole thing is waterproof too which is great if you want to take it in the shower with you to shave your chest, armpits, or groin area. It also makes for easier cleaning as you can simply run it under the water between shaves to avoid clogging.

You get a Gillette razor which is ideal if you just fancy a wet blade shave – I like to do this sometimes, especially when my skin starts to feel a little sensitive, in fact I used it the very next day and I found the Gillette razor left my skin feeling smooth and because I didn’t need to go over the same area too many times, I didn’t get any rash or marks that you sometimes get from a cheaper razor.

I like this trimmer a lot, the variety of attachments is good, although I may not use all of them, it’s good to know the option is there. After using it a few times I felt the trimmer could have been a little more well made, but for the price it is really good value and you wouldn’t need to buy anything else for your needs.


  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Lots of attachments
  • No nicks or pulls


  • The plastic made the trimmer feel a little flimsy

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Panasonic GB80 Wet and Dry Trimmer

Panasonic are another popular brand who have been producing well made goods since 1918. I didn’t waste any time opening the box and after I’d taken everything out I found there were only a few attachments with it – but I needn’t be alarmed, there was nothing missing.

What you get:

  • Panasonic wet and dry beard and hair trimmer
  • Charger cable
  • 3 trimmer attachments
  • Travel case
  • Cleaning brush
  • Shave oil bottle
  • User manual

When inspecting the trimmer, I quickly found the dial on the front which would give me all I needed when using the attachments – which is really handy if you don’t want lots of extra bits that you have to find a place for in your bathroom.

Panasonic ER-GB80-H Wet and Dry Electric Beard, Hair and Body Trimmer for Men, GreyI decided to use the hair cutting attachment this time, and while my wife normally helps me with this, I decided to give it a go alone. I secured the hair comb attachment which gave an adjustable length of 11-20mm. My hair has always been fairly short anyway so I opted for 15mm. It was great – I didn’t get any pulling and I was left with a nice, even trim. I changed the dial to 11mm for around my ears and neck to be on the safe side, but it all felt very smooth and I was quite impressed.

So, onto my facial now and although it didn’t need a lot doing to it, I clipped the attachment on and chose a 1mm trim, which again was smooth and felt very natural to use. The trimmer was comfortable to hold and I didn’t have any issues.

A feature I really like from Panasonic was the precision trimmer that is located at the back of the GB80. All you have to do is slide it up to use, which is so much more convenient than having to change to a different head. I used this to complete my look by tidying up my sideburns and the edges of my beard, the result being a smart trim with defined edges.

Thanks to its stainless steel blades with a 45° edge you get a precise, clean cut that will leave your skin smooth and free from irritation.

I didn’t get chance to use the trimmer on my body, but I’ll definitely be doing that next time. I will more than likely do my chest when I am in the shower, thanks to it being waterproof.

Knowing I can keep it clean quickly and easily after my shave is a bonus. And you do get a cleaning brush with it too. The trimmer, along with the attachments and charger can be kept in the travel case so you have everything in one place.

Charging takes around 1 hour and from this you’ll get 50 minutes operating time. You can use this both corded and cordless, but I found it a lot easier to use when there were no wires limiting my movement.


  • Stainless steel blades
  • Attachments are minimal thanks to the dial
  • Waterproof
  • No pulling


  • A stand would have been an added bonus

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Ceenwes 5 in 1 Grooming Kit

 Not being a brand I’m familiar with I was a little sceptical to try this trimmer due to my concerns with how it would leave my skin. I’ve already mentioned I suffer from occasional sensitive and dry skin, but having seen the reviews I was willing to give this trimmer a go.

What you get:

  • Hair trimmer
  • Design trimmer head
  • 4 hair clipping combs
  • Nose and ear detail trimmer
  • Body trimmer
  • 1 comb
  • Precision trimmer head
  • Cleaning brush
  • Charger
  • Stand

Upon opening the box I was met with a sleek and shiny trimmer, along with the attachments. Still hesitant of an unknown brand I was pleasantly surprised when I held the trimmer – thinking it would just feel cheap, I was actually impressed that this lesser-known brand seemed to have made a great product on the face of it – but how would it live up to the more popular names on this list? Only one way to find out.

Ceenwes Beard Trimmer Hair Clippers Professional Mens Grooming Kit Cordless Waterproof Nose Trimmer Body Gifts for MenThe only thing that concerned me about the design of it was that while looking smart, how practical would it be to hold, especially if it were to get a little wet. Maybe I was just overthinking this though, so let’s get down to how it actually performed.

Now obviously I had to wait to test the products, my hair will only grow so quick, but I was a bit more excited to try it out by the time my hair had grown to a long enough length to use the trimmer.

I decided to start with my beard – I had let it grow a little bit more than a stubble so was keen to see how the Ceenwes trimmer would handle it. I’m pleased to say that using the precision trimmer didn’t nick once and only left me with an even, tidy look. It’s not very often I blade shave, so having minimal stubble is what I am most used to. The trimmer really did a great job. The steel blades mean they won’t rust but will cut through thicker hair and leave you with smooth lines and fresh feeling skin.

Afterwards I used the design trimmer to complete the look of my beard. I did feel like I could have done with an attachment in between the sizes of the precision trimmer and the design trimmer, but the more I used it, I got used to it.

This time I used the ear trimmer, again not expecting too much but enjoying the results. There was no pulling, and my ears looked and felt so much better. After I’d finished, I took off the attachment and rinsed under the water to clean off any hairs. You can do this will all the attachments, which makes cleaning between shaves an easy task.

Charging takes around 2 hours and will last for 80 minutes, so if you don’t shave all that much it will be quite a while before you need to charge it again. It has an LED screen which tells you how much charge you have left in it too, which is a brilliant feature. You don’t have to guess how long you have or worry that you may run out halfway through shaving you head!

The stand is perfect for those that like a tidy bathroom because you can keep everything in one place. I like to be able to put my hand on something quickly, especially when I am in a rush, so having a station to keep the trimmer at hand is ideal for me.

I didn’t use all of the attachments, but after the ones I did use impressed me so much I’m keen to try out the rest in the future.


  • Steel blades
  • Waterproof attachments
  • LED screen


  • Grip could be improved

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Remington Graphite G5 Male Grooming Kit

Another popular brand here – Remington. They have been around since 1837, producing haircare products, shavers, epilators to name just a few. So let’s take a look at their G5 male grooming kit.

What you get:

  • Remington G5 groomer
  • Nose, eyebrow and ear hair trimmer
  • 3 day stubble comb
  • Body hair maintenance comb
  • Micro stubble and precision trimmer
  • 2-20mm comb for beards and hair clipping
  • Clean shaven edging head
  • Contour edging and close hair cutting head
  • Body hair groomer 0.5-9mm
  • Body hair comb
  • Travel pouch
  • UK charging plug
  • Instruction booklet

Firstly, I liked the look of this trimmer and it was quite light – I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing to be honest, but only time will tell. You obviously don’t want anything too heavy or bulky, but equally if it’s too lightweight you don’t want to worry it won’t stand up to the challenge of getting through the thickest of hair. Luckily, my hair is not too thick so I didn’t need to worry about that, but it may be something to consider.

Remington Graphite G5 Mens Electric Trimmer, All-in-One Male Grooming Kit for Beard, Body and Nose Hair, PG5000, Black & WhiteI started with the precision trimmer knowing that the micro stubble look is perfect for me – and it worked a treat. There were no nicks, and I was left with a nice, even shave. I also tidied up any edges with the mini foil shaver, which again was a pleasure to use.

Now, although I haven’t got the fullest head of hair, for some reason I have the most unruly eyebrows! So, I was pleased there was a nose, eyebrow and ear trimmer attachment. I proceeded to tame my eyebrows and was surprised at just how easy to use it was. I managed to make sure they were even and it didn’t take long to get the desired result – the lightweight feel of this trimmer was definitely a bonus for this job.

Again, this trimmer is cordless, giving you the freedom to move it around your body without getting tangled up in wires. It has a 90-minute run time and a 4-hour charge time – which might seem like a long time for some so another factor to take on board when purchasing.

Remington boast of self-sharpening blades, as well as being graphite engineered with comfort tips to give you the most enjoyable and satisfying experience when using the G5. I certainly enjoyed using it and I didn’t get any sensitive spots after use.

The trimmer is waterproof so you can quite easily use it in the shower for an all over body shave if you wish. This also makes cleaning the heads an easy task. You get a pouch to keep everything together and which is ideal if you travel for work or want to take it on holiday with you.


  • Lightweight design
  • Comfort tip blades
  • Waterproof
  • Travel pouch


  • Long charging time

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Babyliss Men 12 in 1 Multi Grooming Kit

Our last grooming kit comes from Babyliss, who have been making products since 1959 and is one of the largest companies worldwide. But how does the 12 in 1 male grooming kit stand against the others on this list? Let’s find out.

What you get:

  • Multi trimmer
  • 5 cutting heads
  • 6 comb guides
  • Storage pouch
  • Adaptor
  • Instruction booklet

Taking the trimmer out of the box, it made a nice change to have something with a bit of colour on it. The body of the trimmer is blue, while the head and attachments are all black. It had a sturdy feel to it and the ergonomic design gave me high hopes, so I was keen to see how it handled itself when in use.

Babyliss Men 12-in-1 Japanese Steel Ultimate Face and Body Multi Grooming Kit with Nose Trimmer Head and Body Groomer - 100% WaterproofAll of the heads seemed a good size and I was eager to get going, so I decided to use the body groomer first. Admittedly I grew my chest hair a little longer this time to see how the Babyliss would fair – and it passed with flying colours!

Firstly, the heads are easy enough to change by twisting them on and off, so when attached I began my manscaping. It was a joy to use – Thanks to the design of the head I was able to get a smooth shave with no pulling at longer hairs and I wasn’t left with any rash or nicks, even when close to the skin.

Onto my stubble now – I decided to use the trimmer without a guard on, and it really gave me the most perfect 5 o’clock shadow. I didn’t feel like I was going over the same area to get the desired result which was ideal for my sensitive skin. I’d be happy to use this again and see how the combs faired on a longer beard.

Because it was going so well with the Babyliss grooming kit, I decided to take the plunge and use it in the shower for the more sensitive areas of my body. Having only done this a few times before and always being left with irritated skin, I was a little nervous. But I needn’t have been, thanks to the dual foil attachment, it left my skin smooth, with no pulls or irritation.

The Japanese steel blade technology enables you to achieve even the closest results while keeping your skin feeling smooth. The super sharp blades will cut through your hair effortlessly and thanks to the lithium-ion technology you get 120 minutes of uninterrupted use.

Charging takes 2 hours for full usage, or you can choose a quick 20 minute charge for 20 minutes use – ideal if you just need a quick shave. When charged you can use the trimmer wirelessly. You also get a storage pouch which is ideal for taking away with you as you can keep everything in one place.

It is 100% waterproof so, as I did, you can take it in the shower with you for all your shaving needs. This will also mean maintenance of your trimmer will be relatively easy and you’ll avoid clogging up the heads by rinsing them under the tap between uses.


  • Waterproof
  • Japanese steel blades
  • Long battery life
  • Heads easily changeable


  • No stand to hold it when not in use

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All of the male grooming kits on this list will do the job you need them to sufficiently. Depending on how much manscaping you actually do will help you decide which one is most suited to you. The price range varies a little but are all well within a fair budget.

Whether you want an array of attachments or a quicker charging trimmer, we hope we have your needs covered in this article and you are one step closer to achieving the look you desire.

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