Best Stubble Trimmers

Finding the best stubble trimmer can be a challenge.

A quick look on the internet will point you to why this is the case – there are thousands of beard trimmers available in the UK today. Each of them offers something slightly different and all kinds of different budgets are catered for – from the cheap and cheerful to the high end and ridiculously expensive. How are you supposed to know which beard trimmer is right for you?

Well, you come to us! We are here to help you find the best stubble trimmer for your face, and for your budget. It is our mission to make sure you are getting the best possible products for your beard.

In this article, we will first take a quick look at what you should look for in a stubble trimmer, before taking a quick look at some of the best stubble trimmers available, and then delivering our verdict. We are confident that your next stubble trimmer is on this list!

Let’s not waste any time and get straight into it.

What to look for in a stubble trimmer

Before we take a look at the best stubble trimmers in the UK, we thought it would be helpful to delve into what makes a great stubble trimmer so that you can be sure that you are getting the right one for your needs. Here are some of the key attributes that you should look out for.


This is an obvious one to start with, but you need to make sure that the stubble trimmer is within your budget. One of the big advantages of the market being flooded with options is that there are stubble trimmers out there for every kind of budget.

You should be careful, though, not to go too cheap. Price is a pretty good indicator of quality, so do take into account that if a stubble trimmer is incredibly cheap, it may be because it is poorly made. Sometimes, spending a little bit more is worth it in the long run, just as long as you can afford it.


Another great indicator of quality is the brand. Some companies have been household names for generations for a reason – because they make great products. That kind of trust goes an awfully long way when you are making a purchase like this, but it is usually a good attribute to pay attention to.

We are not saying that you should ignore all the products from brands that you haven’t heard of before – one of the great things about the male grooming industry is that exciting new companies keep popping up all over the place, so it would be a mistake to ignore these completely.

Range of trimming lengths

What are you going to use your stubble trimmer for? If you are looking to style your stubble as well as trim, then you will probably require a trimmer with different options when it comes to how close the shave is.

Similarly, if you tend to mix up your beard style, the more options you have the better!

Water resistance

Do you shave before a shower, or during? If you like to shave while in the shower, make sure that the trimmer you buy is 100% waterproof. As an added bonus, being waterproof generally makes a trimmer much easier to clean.

Our Top 6 Stubble Trimmers

Now that we have established what you should be looking for in a stubble trimmer, we can crack on with our look at the best stubble trimmers available in the UK.

Philips Beard and Stubble Trimmer 9000 Prestige

We kick things off with the Series 9000 trimmer from Philips. Philips, of course, are one of the largest companies in the world, recording revenue of over €19 billion in 2020. Based in Amsterdam, they make electrical products across many industries, from TVs and lighting to electric toothbrushes and personal grooming equipment.

Unsurprisingly, it is that last group that we are interested in today, and the 9000 Prestige Stubble Trimmer is one of their most recent releases. It is priced towards the higher end of the range of products that we are going to be looking at on this list, so let’s see if it lives up to that price tag.

Philips Beard & Stubble Trimmer for Men, 9000 Prestige, 30 Length Settings, 120mins Run Time, SteelPrecision Blades, UK 3-Pin Plug - BT9810/13 First of all, the thing that will jump out at you is how stylish it looks. While that isn’t the most important thing for a stubble trimmer, it is a nice bonus – this will look great in your bathroom. It’s quite a simple design, but the chrome face, coupled with the jet-black detail really just oozes style.

But how does it perform? Very well, is the answer. The SteelPrecision Technology is a brand new feature for Philips, and it consists of a strong cutter with an integrated metal comb. The result of this is that you get a really precise shave, with a comb that doesn’t bend no matter how much pressure you put on it. It is a trimmer that you can rely on, and trust to do the job you want it to.

There is a wheel on the front of the unit which you can turn to determine the length of the shave. There are thirty different options, starting at 0.4mm and going up with 0.2mm increments – there is no excuse for not getting the exact shave that you want.

Another clever feature is the PowerAdapt sensor – this is an inbuilt sensor that will alter the amount of power that the trimmer uses depending on the thickness of the hair. This means that you are always going to get an even shave, even if some parts of your beard or stubble are thicker than other bits.

It is also 100% waterproof, so will be fine to use in the shower.

As a way to kick off our list of the best stubble trimmer, the Philips 9000 Prestige is perfect. It does a wonderful job and looks great, so if this falls within your budget, put this on your shortlist.

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BaByliss for Men Super Stubble Trimmer XTP

Next up we have this offering from French hairdressing giants BaByliss. They have been supplying quality products to professional hairdressers for over 60 years – everything from hairdryers and straighteners to clippers and beard trimmers.

The Super Stubble XTP is a very stylish piece of kit. The striking blue face really sets it apart from most other stubble trimmers, and this is nicely combined with the digital interface, giving it an ultra-modern feel. It looks great.

BaByliss for Men Super Stubble XTP Beard Trimmer Again, this is 100% waterproof, so can be used in the shower, and it has an incredibly quick charging rate – it goes up to 100% charge in just 80 minutes from a completely flat battery. That will give you 70 minutes of trimming power – so if you use it for 5 minutes every day, you will still only need to charge it up once every two weeks. You will get the same amount of power, even when it is getting low on battery.

You can set the length of your shave to anything from 0.4mm to 5mm, again working on 0.2mm increments. This will give you complete control over the length of your stubble.

In order to get the most precision possible, BaByliss employ the ‘floating head’ technique. The head will track the contours of your face so that the blade will always be the correct distance away, meaning that your shave will be consistent all over your face. This is a great little feature and gives incredibly accurate results.

There is a travel-lock feature which allows you to lock your shaver when you pack it in a bag to ensure that it doesn’t go off while in transit. This is great, but we did find that we occasionally accidentally locked the shaver, and it took a little while to realise what we had done – our advice is that if you can’t get it to work – check the travel lock!

This is a slightly lower price than the Philips shaver that we looked at above, and it offers a lot of similar features. This one is definitely worth considering in this price range.

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Remington B5 Stubble Trimmer

We’ll head over to America now to have a look at the B5 Stubble Trimmer from Remington – a company synonymous with hair cutting equipment. They have been making quality products for over 40 years, and are household names, like most of the companies that we are looking at today, all over the world.

The B5 trimmer is one of the least expensive stubble trimmers that we are going to be looking at today. Let’s see if the lower price indicates a significant drop off in quality.

Remington B5 Style Series Cordless Beard and Stubble Trimmer for Men with Adjustable Zoom Wheel and Titanium Coated Blades - MB5000, Black/Dark Chrome The first thing that you’ll notice is that, compared to the other, more expensive, trimmers that we have looked at so far, the body of this one is made of plastic rather than steel or chrome. This does give it a ‘cheaper’ feel but doesn’t necessarily indicate poorer performance.

The blade is, of course, not plastic. They are titanium coated blades, which are also self-sharpening and have an anti-slip textured tip – all of this gives you great control over your shave, as well as a really sharp cut. There is a huge range of lengths that you can use, from 0.4mm to 18mm. There are only 17 different settings within that, though, so you don’t get the same precision that you do with the more expensive options. (0.5mm up to 5mm, then 1mm or 2mm from 5mm up to 18mm).

This does mean that you can use this trimmer for a full beard, as well as a stubble trimmer, so you do have more options from that point of view.

You can use it while it is plugged in, or cordless if you charge it up (it takes around an hour to charge fully, which is pretty good). The blades are fully removable, so are great for cleaning.

All in all, this is a really decent stubble trimmer, at a great price. It may not have the same level of style and precision as some of the more expensive options, but it does a really good job and is well worth your consideration.

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Philips OneBlade Hybrid Stubble Trimmer

Another option from Philips now as we look at the OneBlade Hybrid Stubble Trimmer. While this is slightly more expensive than the Remington B5, it is certainly at the lower end of the price scale for this list.

Philips OneBlade Hybrid Stubble Trimmer & Shaver with 3 x Lengths & 1 Extra Blade Amazon Exclusive (UK 2-Pin Bathroom Plug) - QP2520/30, Lime Green/ Charcoal Grey Straight away you can tell that this is something a little bit different. Compared to the 9000 Prestige that we looked at from Philips, which had an understated style and sophistication to it, this is loud, brash and fun. The lime green edging to the face of the unit is great and really makes it stand out.

The head is also very different. As you have probably gathered, there is just one blade, creatively known as OneBlade, which is designed to perform three different functions – trim, edge and shave.

For the trimming, you can select either 1, 3 or 5mm length to get an even stubble. These each have an individual click on comb, which comes with the unit. To edge, you can use the ‘naked’ blade, which will work in either direction and as the blade follows the contours of your face, you can get a really precise shave. Similarly, the blade can be used over your entire face to get a full shave. It doesn’t go as close as a traditional blade, which is great for people (like me) with sensitive skin who find they often get a shaving rash.

This is limited in the sense that you can’t use it on a full beard – this is really just for stubble, which is why it fits in nicely to our list today. What it lacks in versatility, though, it more than makes up for in performance. If you are looking for a device purely for stubble. This will take some beating.

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King C. Gillette Style Master

Another budget option now, with the Style Master from Gillette – a name so intrinsically linked to male shaving products that it is probably one of the most famous names in the industry all over the world. King C Gillette was the inventor of the best-selling safety razor back in the 19th century, and the company still honour his name with their products today.

This trimmer is similar to the Philips OneBlade that we looked at above – it has one ‘4D blade’ and comes with three combs of different lengths, again 1mm, 3mm and 5mm. The head pivots and follows the contours of your face to give you a smooth and accurate shave.

King C. Gillette Style Master, Beard Trimmer, Stubble Trimmer & Electric Shaver with 4D Blade, Includes 3 Comb Attachments It gives you great accuracy when shaving, just like the OneBlade. You feel like you have so much control with the single blade, and the fact that you can shave in either direction means that you can work quickly and accurately.

It is fully waterproof, so okay to use in the shower, and has a 45-minute battery life when fully charged, so you won’t need to be charging it up very often. The rubber grip is very comfortable and again gives you more control when shaving.

It looks great too. It’s not as in-your-face as the OneBlade, it is more subtle than that. I really like the contrast between the copper and the dark blue – it’s a nice looking unit.

This is another great option for shaving stubble – again it doesn’t have the versatility of some of the more expensive options, but it offers you everything you’ll need to take care of your stubble day in, day out.

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Philips Series 5000 Beard & Stubble Trimmer

It seems appropriate to finish our list of the best stubble trimmers with another offering from Dutch shaving giants Philips – their third product on this list. This is their second one which is right at the top of the price range, so let’s look to see how they justify the price.

One clue is in the title – the mention of ‘beard’ points to the versatility of the Philips Series 5000 trimmer. There are 17 different length options, from 0.4mm to 10mm, with 0.2mm precision. You can even ‘lock in’ your preferred length so it is ready for you every time.

Philips Series 5000 Beard & Stubble Trimmer with Full Metal Blades - BT5200/13 It also includes a ‘Hair Lift’ comb, which literally lifts the hair up before it cuts it – this is another little step to ensuring that you always get the exact length that you require. No hairs are missed or cut at odd lengths.

The blades gently run against each other as they cut, which sharpens them as they work – this means you always get the sharpest possible cut, and means that you never need to oil them. They have rounded tips as well, which ensures that your skin doesn’t get irritated.

In terms of charging, it’s a 1:1 ratio – it takes 60 minutes to charge and that will give you 60 minutes of use. Pretty good compared to most other stubble trimmers.

For an all-round beard and stubble trimmer, this will take some beating. It may not look as stylish as a couple of the others, but it does everything that you could want it to do with great precision and control. If you want a trimmer for all of your needs, then put this one at the top of your list – as long as it is within your budget.

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In our list of the best stubble trimmers above, we have given you a range of options to suit all budgets. We believe that there is something for everyone there – whether you require a stubble trim every day, or you sometimes have a full beard that you need to control, and sometimes just need to keep your stubble in check.

Your budget will probably have the biggest say over which one is right for you, and we have given you a few options there too. It is important to weigh up how much use you will get out of it – if you are using it every day, then make sure you get one that you will be really happy with – otherwise, you may find yourself looking for a new one in a couple of months, which will just end up costing you more.

We hope we have helped you to find your new stubble trimmer here.

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