Philips OneBlade Pro Review

The Philips OneBlade Pro promises a lot – a 3-in-1 male grooming device that is a face shaver, beard trimmer and a body styler. Sounds great, right? But how do you know whether it delivers on these promises and whether this is the shaver for you?

You come to us and read this Philips OneBlade Pro review – that’s how.

In this review we are going to be looking at all of the specifications and features that the OneBlade Pro has to offer before putting it through its paces in our rigorous testing process. We’ll then deliver our verdict to help you decide whether this is the product for you.

One thing that works in its favour is that it has great pedigree. Philips is one of the leading names in male grooming products. Founded in 1891 and originally making light bulbs, they moved to electric shavers in 1939 – now they pour over 80 years worth of experience into the design and manufacture of some of the most popular products available today.

So does the OneBlade Pro live up to this grand reputation that they have built up? Let’s take a look.

OneBlade Pro Specs And Features

Before we get into what the OneBlade Pro can do, let’s take a minute to consider what it looks like.

Philips OneBlade Pro, 3 tools in 1: Face Shaver, Beard and Stubble Trimmer + Body Styler for Men, 14-Lengths with LED Display, Wet and Dry Use, 120 Minutes Run Time - NEW QP6650/30, Chrome It’s a stylish little unit. It’s a smooth, yet functional, shape – designed for style and performance. I really like the little hints of colour – the sharp, bright flashes of yellow on the blade and the attachments juxtaposes the professional chrome of the main body. It has both a classic and an ultra-modern feel to it, which I really like.

It is quite small, and feels very light – for some people that might make them feel like this is a cheaply made product, but I think that is missing the point- it is designed to be small and light to make it easier to use and to be able to travel with.

Now let’s talk about features and find out exactly what the Philips OneBlade Pro can do.

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They boast that the OneBlade utilises “revolutionary technology” that is specifically designed for facial styling and body grooming – being able to trim, style or edge any length of hair. This is a bold claim, but they back it up by describing their cutter. It moves at 200 times a second – the theory being that it makes a clean, snag-free cut that doesn’t pull at your skin as it removes the hair.

The razor head itself is removable – this is because it is designed to last around four months of regular usage before it needs to be replaced. You can pick up replacements for under a tenner, so it won’t break the bank to keep this razor performing at its optimal level and you do get one replacement blade in the box when you purchase.Philips OneBlade Pro, 3 tools in 1: Face Shaver, Beard and Stubble Trimmer + Body Styler for Men, 14-Lengths with LED Display, Wet and Dry Use, 120 Minutes Run Time - NEW QP6650/30, Chrome

The blade is dual-sided, so you are able to shave up and down your face in one movement and create exceptionally clean lines. The blade is designed to follow the contours of your face, as you would expect, so you can get at every area that needs shaving.

If you have a longer beard, you will get a lot of use out of the precision trimming comb that comes in the box. When we say precision, we mean it – you can adjust it by 0.4mm, up to a maximum length of 10mm, so you can get the perfect length to your beard. Due to the range of sizes available when using the comb, it is quite big – this does contrast with the sleek look of the unit itself.

The different sizes are easily adjustable, just with the turn of a dial. This is where the larger size works in its favour as it’s not too fiddly to manoeuvre.

Also included in the box is a click-on skin guard. This is designed to protect the more sensitive areas of your body. The guard is there to act as a barrier so the blade doesn’t nick you where you don’t want to be nicked…

Philips OneBlade Pro, 3 tools in 1: Face Shaver, Beard and Stubble Trimmer + Body Styler for Men, 14-Lengths with LED Display, Wet and Dry Use, 120 Minutes Run Time - NEW QP6650/30, ChromeThe guard doesn’t inhibit the shaving in any way – it is there just to protect and you are still able to shave in any direction.

Now let’s talk about the battery. It uses a lithium-ion battery that is fully rechargeable, like most of the other shavers in this price range. When it is fully charged you should find that it lasts for about 90 minutes of shaving, which means that you shouldn’t have to recharge it very often at all – maybe as infrequently as once a month, depending on how often you use it.

When you do need to recharge it, you can simply use the charger stand (it comes with a two-pin bathroom plug so you may need an adapter if you don’t have that kind of socket in your bathroom). Just pop it in place and you should find that it is fully charged within an hour.

The OneBlade also comes with a travel case, again reinforcing that this is meant for use, not just in your home, but when you are away as well.

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Using The Philips OneBlade Pro

I didn’t really know what to expect when I first tried the Philips OneBlade Pro – it is a small and lightweight machine, so I assumed it was a Philips OneBlade Pro, 3 tools in 1: Face Shaver, Beard and Stubble Trimmer + Body Styler for Men, 14-Lengths with LED Display, Wet and Dry Use, 120 Minutes Run Time - NEW QP6650/30, Chrome travel-razor. A decent one to chuck in a bag when you were going to be staying away somewhere, but maybe not ideal for everyday use.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

For such a little device, this really packs a punch. It is incredibly powerful and you really notice the speed at which it cuts – 200 times per second. The result is that you can get so close to your skin to cut the hair, but without scraping against your skin.

It is really easy to use – being able to shave in any direction means that you can get at every single part of your face that you need to, even the places that can be very difficult to get at with a wet shave. The fact that it is light and small means that it isn’t too cumbersome. You can move it around your face with ease and create some really accurate and defined lines in your facial hair.

When it comes to beards, the comb attachment is what you need. I have a short beard, about half a centimetre long, so I adjusted the settings on the comb accordingly. This was easy to do, and then the blade did the rest. The cut is, again, really clean and sharp, giving you a really neat beard at the end of it. Uniformed in length and with crisp edges.

I have heard from people that have thicker, longer beards than I do that say the adjustable comb isn’t great for their facial hair – it would seem that it is fine for trimming short beards, but longer ones may require something a bit more specialist, which may be something to keep in mind.

Philips OneBlade Pro, 3 tools in 1: Face Shaver, Beard and Stubble Trimmer + Body Styler for Men, 14-Lengths with LED Display, Wet and Dry Use, 120 Minutes Run Time - NEW QP6650/30, ChromeFor body hair, particularly in the more sensitive areas of your body, you will need to put on the Onskin guard. This guard makes shaving all over your body a lot more comfortable – there are areas where you don’t want a blade that cuts 200 times a second getting too close to!

As you probably expect for a product like this, it is fully waterproof, so you are able to use it in the shower, which I found particularly helpful for body shaving. It also works well with shaving foam if you have particularly sensitive skin.

The blade feels like it will last a decent amount of time, so the four-month estimate that Philips suggests sounds about right. It can be a little fiddly to change the blade, though, so not the sort of task that you want to undertake when you are in a rush.

I was really impressed with the general performance of the OneBlade Pro. It certainly gives a really crisp, nick-free cut. While the attachments may not be perfect for everyone, they did the job for me and my beard.

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When you are looking for a new male grooming shaver there are two things that normally jump out at you – price and performance.

The Philips OneBlade Pro does well on both of these fronts. Price-wise, you can get this for under £100, which is decent value. That is pretty much the going rate for a decent razor these days.

And this is a decent razor. While they advertise it as a 3-in-1 shaver, I would say that it’s more like a 1+2 razor – in that it does its primary job of shaving your face really well. The shave is smooth and accurate without ever nicking your skin.

The other two functions – the beard trimming and the body shaving – are good, without being mind-blowing. Viewed as bonus features, they are great, but if you have long, thick hair that you need to trim regularly, you will probably want to look for a specialised beard trimmer.

As a replacement for a wet shave, though, this is one of the best electric razors that I have come across. And for the price, it should definitely be on your shortlist.

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